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Fixed Wireless - the technology

The NBN’s fixed wireless network is engineered to deliver services to a fixed number of premises within each coverage area.  This means that the bandwidth per household is designed to be more consistent than mobile wireless, even in peak times of use.

Unlike a mobile wireless service where speeds can be affected by the number of people moving into and out of the area, the speed available in a fixed wireless network is designed to remain relatively steady. Fixed wireless services are delivered by radio communications from a fixed wireless facility direct to a small outdoor antenna attached to your home.



Once you've signed up with Infinity Broadband, we will arrange an NBN Co technician to visit your house and install the equipment needed for your Fixed Wireless NBN service.  Installation is free of charge, however if you have any special requirements please talk to us about any additional costs that may be involved. 

The installation will require a cable to be run between the outdoor antenna and the NBN connection box inside your house. Generally this requires drilling a small hole in your external wall to pass through the cable. The installation normally takes between two and four hours. We ask that someone over the age of 18 is present during the installation process.


Our Fixed Wireless Service

In fixed wireless areas, Infinity Broadband provide broadband service only, with speeds of up to 12Mbps/1Mbps or 25Mbps/5Mbps available. If you have an existing copper phone line this will stay in place for you to remain with your current provider for your home phone service. Infinity Broadband do not provide home phone services to fixed wireless areas at this time.


Further questions regarding your Fixed Wireless service?

Give our friendly staff a call today on 1300 661 965, or have a browse through the following factsheets for further information.

Fixed Wireless Factsheet