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Speeds And Technology

The NBN Co network has been developed to achieve the vision, objectives and goal of delivering services over Australia's superfast broadband network with a broadly consistent product set over different technologies. The NBN utilises fibre, wireless or satellite technology.

Some network features include:

Performance: NBN Co expects to offer up to four traffic classes over the NBN to support the variety of applications that will run across the network. In future these four traffic classes will give access to services such as tele-health, tele-education, IPTV, video conferencing and so much more.

Speed: By offering superfast speeds, the NBN delivers a strong headline speed to all Australians.

Ease of Migration: NBN systems have been designed to assist to facilitate service migration from existing services in the market today

The new superfast network will give 93% of Australian homes, schools and workplaces access to optical fibre that will enable broadband services to be provided to Australians in urban and regional towns.

NBN Co is committed to delivering the leading edge broadband services to all Australians by leveraging the three types of technology available - fibre, fixed wireless and satellite, depending on location.