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All our legal documentation is available in PDF format below.

This document outlines the general terms and conditions under which we supply our services and your obligations as an end user of Infinity Broadband services.

Summary SFOA
This document provides a summary of major points within the SFOA.

Privacy Policy
This document outlines how your personal information will be used.

Acceptable Use Policy
This document sets out the rules applicable to your use of our services.

Fair use policy (voice services)
This document sets out the rules which apply to your use of your residential phone.

CSG (customer service guarantee) waiver
This document outlines the CSG Waiver that all residential voice user customers agree to at time of signup.

Schedule of fees & charges
For a listing of all charges and fees you may be liable for.

Financial Hardship Policy

Summary of Complaint Handling Process

Appointment of Authorised Representative form

Critical Information Summary