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Uni V Voice Service

In certain areas we are able to offer a voice line service over the UNI-V port. This is a very reliable and stable voice service with a dedicated traffic class for your phone calls.

The UNI-V port supports most existing telephone handsets and requires no re-configuration or changes. If uncertain if your existing handset will work on the Uni V service, please ask one of our team.

The UNI-V phone port also takes advantage of the NBN Backup Battery power supply unit (PSU). During an extended blackout, the UNI-V ports remain active for up to 6 hours — allowing customers to continue to make and receive phone calls on a corded (unpowered handset) without disruption.

To determine if your home can receive our UNI-V voice service, please give us a call on 1300 661 965 or make an application here.

Monthly Fee Local calls (Land line) National calls (landline) Australian Mobiles
$9.95 $0.03 per minute $0.04 per minute $0.09 per minute


International Call rates, click here

For terms and conditions on our Uni V voice services, please visit our legal page and review the following:

  • Fair Use Policy (Voice Services)
  • Customer Service Guarantee (CSG) waiver
  • Schedule of fees and charges
  • Infinity Broadband Uni V International Call rates

Special Services Rates

000  Emergency calls (000)   FREE
1100 Community Service (Dial Before You Dig)

$0.26 Untimed

1194 Community Service (Time) $0.45 Untimed
1196 Community Service (Weather) $0.45 Untimed
1223 Directory assistance – local and national $0.51 Untimed
127111 Pre-selection verification service $0.00 Untimed
1300 Local rate service

$0.44 Untimed

13 Local rate service            

$0.44 Untimed

All prices include GST

Important Note: Voice services cannot be provided as a stand alone service and must accompany one of our NBN internet plans