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Which Plan Suits Me

Choosing the right NBN plan can be difficult. There are a few things to consider around your usage, time spent online, future requirements and so on.

There are two major considerations when choosing a residential internet service. The first is the speed at which you connect , and the second is the amount of quota you are allowed every month.

Which plan suits me?

What speed do I need?

For home users, the download speed is the first number quoted in the plan name (example 50Mbps/20Mbps , where 50Mbps is the download speed) and refers to how fast you can receive information from the internet. This could be receiving an email, downloading a movie, watching a youtube video, or browsing a website; all these things involve data being received by your computer.

How much download quota do I need?

The quota or data allowance of your plan refers to how much information you can receive every month , regardless of how quickly you get it. This data is measured in bytes or more commonly, megabytes and gigabytes. An email or basic website might not be a lot of data, however viewing a high-resolution movie, online gaming or youtube videos can add up to gigabytes of data every day.

What hardware / equipment do I need?

A standard NBN installation includes a PCD (premises connection device) which is placed on the outside wall of your home, and an NTD (network termination device) which is placed inside your home in a convenient location.

This NTD is the box you can plug into and gain access to NBN voice + internet. The NTD will work fine if you only have one computer or laptop connecting (providing it is close by to connect via a cable); however if you have multiple computers, laptops, smartphones and so on, then you will need WiFi to give access to all.

Infinity Broadband can supply and deliver a NBN-grade WiFi router which plugs into the NTD and broadcasts a WiFi signal to all your enabled devices to connect up to. For more information on hardware please review our page NBN wireless routers


At Infinity Broadband we want to provide our customers with a service and connection that suits their needs now and in future. Therefore please find below some thoughts on which plan might be best for you. Remember that once you're connected you can always upgrade your service as your usage increases.

For a more casual internet user, perhaps someone who simply browses web pages and uses email, then one of our entry levels plans such as 12Mbps/1Mbps or 25Mbps/5Mbps service could suffice. A quota of 30GB or 100GB per month should be enough for this type of user also.

For households with multiple devices using the one internet connection (smartphones, tablets, video game consoles etc) then you might find that the basic plans could see some websites and videos become slow when everyone is online. Therefore you could consider one of our premium plans such as 50Mbps/20Mbps or 100Mbps/40Mbps to cater for the demand. A quota starting at 50GB would be a good place to start.

For users (and their family members) who are interested in downloading movies, playing online games, visiting youtube and the like, then a faster speed with a higher quota per month is recommended. Our top level plan is 100Mbps/40Mbps and means you can potentially receive a song in seconds and a movie in minutes*. For heavy users, we recommend at least a 100GB quota per month.

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*In reference to speeds delivered over the NBN, we referring to the speed of our upstream providers. The speed you can receive, and products you can utilise, on your home connection will depend on many factors including the services you take up, the software and communication protocols you use, the quality of your PC and the connection to your home. Other factors include network architecture, design and stability.